Atlético, worried, have to stop Dembélé

The state of Moussa Dembélé still worrying in the Atlético de Madrid. It has been two weeks since the French footballer suffered a faint in a training session for the rojiblanco team and, since then, he has not exercised with the group again.

The forward underwent many tests in the following days and the results led the medical services to allow him to train alone on the pitch, but Dembélé still not available to Diego Simeone. It will not enter the call for the clash this Sunday against the Betis. And it is that the matter continues to worry in the Metropolitan.

Because as the journalist has revealed Miguel Martin Talavera, of the Ser string, Atlético has contacted specialists from the prestigious American hospital Mount sinai that on Monday they will arrive in Madrid to evaluate the footballer.

Dembélé is fine, to the point of proposing to the club to sign a document to be solely responsible in case something happens to him in front of the Betis, something that was rejected by the mattress managers, who do not want to take the slightest risk with the player.

Of course, the French is in a hurry to be at Cholo’s orders as soon as possible. He arrived on loan in January, with little time to show that he has a place in this Athletic. And since then, everything has happened to him. He has only participated in four meetings. In total, 91 minutes of play. And now with Suarez injured, he believed his big break would come. But Dembélé will have to keep waiting.