Atlético will not give away their players who want to leave

Atlético de Madrid
is pending how the season ends to undertake the planning of the next. Among other things because it is key to have an overview of the stage in which it will move. Obviously, the sports managers of the club already handle several scenarios, but the reality is that in the current crisis situation the uncertainty has grown in every way.

It is not yet known what the season will give of itself, neither in sports nor in economics. A stage with him Athletic in the next edition of the Champions League it is not the same as if it is not finally classified. A stage with a Athletic champion of Europe for the first time in its history it is very different from another without that desired title.

All the clubs agree that the economic impact of the crisis is great. At Athletic
They put it at more than 100 million euros, even without all the data in hand. That is, it will surely be greater. The mattress club does not hide that the budget for the coming season will suffer a setback.

Hence, it goes to a conservative transfer market for everyone. In every way, both at the entrances but also at the exits. Large transactions in European football are not expected except in rare cases.

Bertha, sports director of the Atlético de Madrid, I anticipated a few months ago how the market will be. “For me, the summer transfer window could be eliminated, which could coincide with the end of the championships, and stay with the current teams until January, when the market reopens,” explained the Italian in the newspaper ‘Tuttosport’.

For him, it would be “the most logical thing”, because the clubs will be clearer what economic scenario they are facing. “At that time the clubs would have clearer what are the losses (generated by the crisis) and what must be the direction of the investments they make,” he added to note that right now, it is a secondary matter. “First, however, it will be necessary to understand how to play safely again,” he explained. What he has no doubt about is that, necessarily, due to the situation and the loss of income that all teams will have, “there will be a reduction in prices for everyone” in terms of signings.


In this sense, the Atlético de Madrid is clear about something, even though there are footballers who may be on the starting ramp, every effort will be made not to under-sell the players who may leave.

Obviously a scenario without Champions It would impose a salary readjustment that could make that mattress intention more flexible, but the truth is that there is no interest in giving away to anyone. The Athletic now has players like Thomas Lemar, Santiago Arias or the same Diego Costa or Stefan
Savic, which could be accommodated in this section of departures. Even footballers like Vitolo.

But none of those situations will be easy. Not by himself Athletic, but because of the market circumstances. We are talking about players for whom the Atletico club invested a lot of money and who have high chips, which not all clubs can take on.

The most significant case is Thomas Lemar, which cost 70 million euros for 70% of the rights. A hypothetical sale would not cover this disbursement anywhere, because the player has been greatly devalued. Similar case to Diego Costa. The Athletic reinvested 66 million euros for him to repay him for Chelsea. Another footballer whose market value has plummeted in recent years. Vitolo It cost 36 million euros in its day. Savic, 25 million. Arias, 11 kilos.

Except for very specific cases, it seems difficult to think that the Athletic you could recoup much of those investments. Hence, the club is not in a hurry on the issue of departures. If the offers arrive they will be studied, but everyone agrees that it will take imagination to carry out the operations that occur. This includes searching for formulas such as transfers with an option to buy, exchange of players … Situations that allow a certain normality to be resumed without losing control over the players. In other words, the clubs in which they could end up also rearm themselves economically so that the operations are fair.

The clear example of this policy was what happened last winter market, when
Lemar was in talks with him Arsenal
. As the English team did not assume a transfer of guarantees, the matter did not materialize.

By the players that the Athletic considered non-transferable, the posture is clear. Termination clause. Cases like those of Saul, on the agenda of the Manchester United
for a long time; or that of Thomas
Partey, in the Arsenal, Bayern, PSG… etc.
The first has 150 million, the second only 50 but the club intends to renew him.