Atlético puts a price on San Luis and looks for a buyer

Atlético de Madrid
will not continue with its franchise in Mexico. At least that is how it is assured from the North American country. The country’s media affirm that the mattress box does not want to continue with this project, after several years with it.

According to the newspaper ‘Record‘, the Atlético de Madrid he would have already priced his franchise in saint Louis and would be looking for a buyer. According to the aforementioned medium, in the conversations that would be held with Jeff Luhnow a sale of around 37.7 million euros would be considered.

About five million would go to pay the team’s fine with the Mexican league for its relegation to the second division and the rest for the mattress club, according to the aforementioned media. Let us remember that the Atlético de Madrid he would have gotten tired of the project once the team was not able to maintain the category and given the cut in economic income suffered by the mattress club itself on account of the crisis in the Coronavirus.