Atlético, ‘proud’ to host the Covid vaccination at the Metropolitan

The Madrid’s community has begun this Thursday to vaccinate against the covid-19 local police, firefighters and members of the Civil protection in the stadium Wanda Metropolitano, a campaign that starts with “courage and heart” and the “hope” of ending the pandemic so that “it does not take away more freedom”.

The Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has visited the vaccination point of the stage of the Atlético de Madrid, the first large enclosure enabled for the campaign, along with other spaces such as the Vistalegre Palace or the Wizink Center, in addition to health centers and hospitals.

Local police, firefighters and personnel from Civil protection have begun to receive the first doses of the vaccine today AstraZeneca, since they are professionals who are “on the front line” and need to receive it “as soon as possible”, he pointed out Ayuso, who recalled that today marks one year since the first covid was admitted to the Madrid’s community.

Accompanied by the counselors of Justice, Interior and Victims, Enrique López; and of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, the president thanked the Atlético de Madrid the transfer of its facilities for the vaccination campaign, which have two large car parks where vaccines can be supplied without having to get out of the vehicle, Ayuso explained.

Madrid has inoculated a total of 400,000 doses in the region and 175,000 people have already received the complete regimen (the two doses), which represents more than 80% of the vaccines that the region has received, Ayuso said, highlighting that different vaccination points have been launched “in record time”.

According to the president, Madrid “It does not have any logistical problems, much less organization”, but the Ministry of Health It communicates “at very short notice” the number and type of vaccines to be received in order to organize the devices.

“Obviously this would be much easier if this communication and this planning were faster because, in this way, we could anticipate even more quickly how many vaccines and how to dispose of them,” he indicated.

The Wanda Metropolitano stadium, vaccination center against Covip-19 Enrique Cerezo, Isabel Díaz Ayuso

Madrid it will go “vaccine to vaccine” instead of “game by game” to immunize all citizens, for which he recalled that more doses are needed.

“Today in vaccines lies the success or failure of the fight against covidI hope we don’t lose the game in the last minute ”, he remarked.

For this stadium enabled device Metropolitan Wanda, with which they will be vaccinated between 350 and 400 an hour, the Summa 112 has arranged two affiliation points for citizens; eight for double vaccination, where 16 people and 14 computer stations can be vaccinated simultaneously for the registration and certification of the administered doses.

The Wanda Metropolitano stadium, vaccination center against Covip-19 Enrique Cerezo
The Wanda Metropolitano stadium, vaccination center against Covip-19 Enrique Cerezo

For this Thursday, 1,000 troops have been summoned and during the weekend the administration of the doses is planned for 3,000 more professionals.

This vaccination point will have a vaccination capacity of up to 10,000 people a day and its hours will be from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and in the afternoon from 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Madrid Vaccination against covid-19 for people over 80 years of age in health centers has also started this Thursday and thus joins most of the autonomous communities, which have already started the operation with this group.