Atlético players at risk of missing the European Championship

After knowing the decision of 12 European clubs to found a European Super League, outside the UEFA, the president of this organization, Aleksander ceferin, threatened to ban the players of these teams from playing matches with their national teams. “All those footballers who play in that competition will not be able to do so with their national team,” said the leader.

Well, in a rojiblanca key, and in the absence of knowing first if this measure will be taken and second, if it falls within the legality, up to seven players of the Atletico Madrid their presence in this tournament would be threatened.

Taking into account the latest calls and the possibilities of being cited by the respective national teams, it would be the Spanish Koke and Llorente; from french Lemar; of English Trippier; from portuguese Joao Felix; the croatian Vrsaljko and from the Belgian Yannick Carrasco, which of this list, is the only one who was left without playing in the last call due to physical problems, although he was part of it.

In this sense, the Manchester City It would be the club with the most losers. Up to 13 players from the team he directs Pep Guardiola their presence in the Eurocup would be threatened if UEFA decides to go ahead with its threat and has legal mechanisms to make it effective. As regards the Spaniards, the Real Madrid would have nine players ‘on the wire’, the same as the Barcelona.