Atlético loses the initiative for the title after falling in San Mamés

As the
Atlético de Madrid
to this final stretch of The league, the match of San Mamés It seemed like an unforgivable end for a mattress team that has been bleeding little by little until they were left without air, without strength, without courage. On San Mamés you had to win and the team Simeone gave his rival the first half and let himself snatch the extra ball that he had won with the goal of Savic in the tie, to end up losing. Incomprehensible. A first half in which they scored to have to swim against the current for the rest of the game. And a 2-1 at the exit of a corner in 85 ’which was another inexplicable gift when you play. The league.

At the expense of what a Barça that if he wins the game that he has postponed before him grenade will surpass you in the table, the Athletic has lost the initiative for the title of The league. The trend that had been consummating in recent months, crystallized in the most cruel way for the mattress makers. In view of the calendar, he will have to win in the Camp
Nou, something he has never achieved in League since Simeone took over the bench.

In the 13/14 season, the Athletic faced a match traced to this one on his way to the title of The league. Then, the mattress team also had to recover from an initial goal by Athletic. And he did, he turned the game around and that victory served to propel him to the championship. But of course this Athletic it is not that. That Athletic He had a rage, a determination, a pride and even sometimes a football that perhaps does not have the current one.

The first news of the match between the Athletic and the Atlético de Madrid came from the line-ups, especially from the mattress, in which neither Joao Felix, neither Lemar nor above all Luis Suarez, were headlines. All three returned to the squad after injury, but the Cholo he thought better not to touch what was already working. And in the case of Madrid, the front of the attack formed by Llorente, strap and with the collaboration of Carrasco from the wing, he had generated seven goals in the last two games.

There were also news on the Basque side, with the last minute drop of Raul
Garcia, on account of a few tenths of fever; and some more that was already known as that of Iker

The two teams were still putting their respective letters of introduction on the table, when the Athletic hit first. The game started uphill for Atletico of Madrid. The Lions took advantage of a space behind I gave it, with a great arrival of Cap what a center did that played in Llorente just enough for him to be frank Berenguer, which was nodding to the net. Answered the Athletic with a head butt of Carrasco what Unai Simon pulled out of goal.

Although in reality it was just a mirage of a mattress team that found it very difficult to generate play in the center of the field. The slow circulation and the good positioning of the Biscayan team, which was squeezing intensely, meant that the Athletic cost him a world.

It cost those of Simeone begin to impose their rhythm and their ways to do damage before a Athletic that with the score in their favor, they went off like a breath in search of any viable counterattack. Especially on the left of the mattresses where I gave it was surpassed many times by a Ander
Cap that in the first half was a headache.

A local team with a higher gear than Madrid to prevail in individual duels, to get ahead in pressure, to run with more sense. The leader showed a distant face from the previous two appointments, more helpless and dull.

The first half ended with the unfortunate injury of Cap, who was being one of the best. Dani garcia it fell to his knee in the fight for an aerial ball and the player had to prematurely leave the field of play.


The game turned upside down in the second act. No need for changes even. Simply with a change of attitude, with the rise of a point of speed and determination of those of the Cholo. And the chances were starting to pile up, shots deflected by a very short strap, Llorente, Carrasco

All in all, the team of Marcelino he was crouched waiting to be able to strike the decisive blow. And he was about to get it at 57 minutes in a counter that mounted the Athletic after a terrible backward pass from Saul, which ended with a shot from Sancet from the front that was leaving high by little. It was the last action of the ilicitano before Simeone put a triple change with the recovered. Within Joao Felix, Carrasco Y Lemar. Outside Trippier, said Saul Y Herrera. Circumstance that led to Llorente to be placed on the right side.

The opportunities accumulated until the Athletic achieved a tie that can be gold, at the exit of a corner, in a header from Savic. The rojiblanco team had put everything on the field of play and it deflated like a punctured balloon. When he had to give that last effort, he fell. Full-fledged blow with a second goal from Athletic, from Inigo
Martinez, at the exit of a corner.

1 U. Simon 13 J. Oblak
twenty-one A. Layer 46 ‘ 2. 3 K. Trippier 59 ‘
(fifteen I. Lekue) (7 João Felix)
3 Nuñez fifteen S. Savić
4 Í. Martinez 18 Philip
24 M. Balenziaga 12 R. Lodi 74 ‘
12 Alex Berenguer 82 ‘ (22 M. Beautiful)
(7 Ibai Gomez) 8 Saul 59 ‘
14 Dani garcia (9 L. Suarez)
27 Unai Winner 71 ‘ 16 H. Herrera 59 ‘
(6 M. Vesga) (eleven T. Lemar)
two Black pudding 6 Koke
twenty Villalibre 70 ‘ twenty-one Y. Carrasco
(9 I. Williams) 10 TO. 65 ‘strap
16 O. Sancet 75 ‘ (5 L. Torreira)
(8 Unai lopez) 14 M. Llorente

Goals:(1-0) Álex Berenguer (8 ‘), (1-1) S. Savić (77’), (2-1) Í. Martinez (86 ‘)

Cards:L M. Llorente (11 ‘), O. Sancet (44’), Unai Vencedor (61 ‘), Dani García (66’), L. Torreira (81 ‘), Unai López (92’)L

Referee: González Fuertes P.

Spectators: 0 at San Mamés

THE BEST The goals of Savic and Iñigo Martínez
WORST Capa’s injury

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