Atlético led the revolution of the ‘outsiders’

The 2020-21 season closed with a change of scenery in the heights in the main leagues. It can be said that the Athletic It has been part of a revolution of the ‘outsiders’, of those teams for which few bet to win the domestic title and who achieved it against everything and everyone.

A ‘revolution’ with the significant exception of Bayern Munich, which maintained its absolute dominance in the Bundesliga.

The almighty Bavarian team, except for specific moments and despite the pressure exerted by the RB Leipzig, he squeezed out his full potential under the direction of Hansi
Flick to be crowned league champion for the ninth consecutive season and reach thirty titles.

Again the Polish gunner Robert Lewandowski He championed the tyrannical command of the Bayern and he even allowed himself the luxury of erasing from the record book the mythical Gerd Muller to manage to beat his record with no less than 41 goals.

In the rest of the major leagues there was a change of order or at least a new champion. Atlético de Madrid, on Spain, Manchester City, on England, Lille, on France, e Inter on Italy, they girded on the crown.

Athletic of Diego Pablo Simeone
he added his eleventh title seven years after the previous one. An indelible first lap and a final resistance to the pressure they mainly exerted Real
Madrid Y Barcelona, without forgetting the Seville, they led him to glory.

With the shield under the sticks of the Slovenian Jan
Oblak, a defense as always firm, Koke
Resurrection with the baton, the versatility of frames
Llorente and the goals of the Uruguayan Luis Suarez, the rojiblanco team was the one that best adapted to the circumstances of the pandemic. His rivals were giving in, although it was not until the last minute that he could not breathe calmly due to the insistence of the Real Madrid from Zinedine Zidane.

The Manchester
City relieved the Liverpool on top of the Premier. The set of Pep Guardiola it successfully achieved its third title in the last five years. He has hardly had a rival and with excellent football he has minimized other battleships such as Manchester
United, the ‘reds’ themselves and Chelsea, who have completed the ‘zone Champions‘.

He was slow to pick up the pace. At the beginning of the campaign, teams such as Arsenal, Leicester, Everton, Liverpool or Tottenham, but from the equator he took command without remission.

More surprising has been the resolution of Ligue 1. Lille ended the reign of the Paris Saint Germain, champion of seven of the eight previous leagues. The team led first by the German Thomas
Tuchel and then by the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino, handed the baton to the Northerners, league champions for the fifth time. They hadn’t been able to do it for ten years.

An absolute disappointment for the Parisian cadre, made not only to reign in France, but also in Europe. This campaign dismisses her with the semifinal of the Champions lost to him Manchester
City and with a second place that tastes like failure.


The A series ended the command of Juventus. Champion the previous nine seasons, the team led by Andrea Pirlo not only has he failed to defend the crown, but he has suffered greatly to get into the Champions League.

The Inter Milan, who had not raised the title since 2010, finally hit the mark. Antonio
Conte commanded an almost intractable block with the Argentine Lautaro
Martinez and the belgian Romelu
Lukaku like spearheads, which first resisted the thrust of its eternal rival, the Milan, surpassed him and did not allow him the joys in the final stretch of the season.

More time has taken the Sporting to be crowned champion in Portugal. Nineteen years later, the ‘lions’ of Lisbon dared to question the dominance of Benfica Y Port, previous champions, and ended up taking the championship firmly.

In other relevant European leagues Zenith
Petersburg, Witches Y Ajax repeated success, while the Besiktas regained the title four years later and relieved the surprising Istanbul
Basaksehir, champion the previous campaign.