Atlético: LaLiga goes through the head

Warned him Koke, captain of the Atletico Madrid, two weeks ago, after drawing against him Real Betis at the Benito Villamarín. And his coach, Diego Simeone, followed that same line on Sunday as soon as the clash against him Athletic in San Mamés, which ended with the defeat of the mattress team, the fourth in LaLiga: everything goes through the head.

“In the end it is a mental issue, it is the illusion that we have for wanting to win. That is what motivates us. Beyond the physical effort that we have to do, I think it’s all in the head. Dand head we have to be strong and we are“Assured the Vallecano midfielder, who later added that” if we are strong in mind we will reach the goal we all want.

“A few days ago they asked me what I considered most important in this League final and I am clear that the mentality will be key. In the emotional balance will be the key to be closer to winning. We look forward to knowing that we continue to depend on us. It will depend on mental strength, on the personality that we can demonstrate …“Cholo said after San Mamés.

Captain and coach agree. Everything goes through the mental aspect, that in which Atlético seems to be weak in recent weeks, especially away from Metropolitano, where the still leader of the championship is not obtaining the expected results. Four consecutive starts without winning It has made the rojiblancos lose first place if Barcelona beat Granada on Thursday in their postponed match.

Just as the team showed character to draw against him Athletic, he did not have it to play the final minutes, retreating in the harassment that he had been exercising the Biscayan team to achieve the goal and not knowing how to go for the second once Íñigo Martínez he made the second goal for the locals. A mental weakness that has been accompanying the team since that double duel against him I raised that was settled with a tie and a triumph for the Valencians.


The wardrobe maintains confidence. Because there are five games left and because, as they also coincide Simeone Y Koke, Atlético de Madrid continues to depend on itself to win the title. Of course, if Barça win on Thursday, the Madrid squad will no longer be worth a draw at the Camp Nou to keep that first place. In any case, the message that comes out of the dressing room is clear: win the five games that remain to win LaLiga seven years later.