Atlético, game by game … ‘end to end’

New test for the leader, for the
Atlético de Madrid
. The team of Diego Simeone He is already at a point in the competition where each match is an exam, a test, a sporting final in his climb to glory. Win the title of The league for the second time, in a competition as unequal as the Spanish one, it would be a real feat. And the rojiblanco team is already on the border where they can no longer hide in this sense, they fight for the title. It is so. The first of the finals that remains is against him Getafe (9:00 p.m. / Movistar). The team of Cholo, after the suffered triumph of a few days ago against the Athletic, the last game that was postponed, has a six-point cushion with the Barça and eight with him Real Madrid.

However, the rent is not huge, any misstep can be catastrophic. With the season that he is doing Athletic it is surprising that he is going to have to have a practically perfect season to be champion when his two rivals have had an extremely uneven course. But it is the difficulty of championing in Spain.

The Athletic clings to the great moment of Suarez Y Llorente, the two heroes before him Athletic, who signed the comeback. Between the two they have given him, with his goals and assists, 33 direct points of the 62 points he adds. An atrocity. The Cholo will not have Philip, sanctioned, but recovers Gimenez Y Herrera. The Uruguayan will go directly to an eleven in which once again it seems that he will not be Joao
Felix. The Portuguese appears and disappears from the line-ups, without finding that weight that is assumed for quality and for being the most expensive signing in the club’s history.

Previous Getafe – Atlético

Data and statistics support the Athletic. that counts by victories his last 13 games against him Getafe in The league without conceding a goal, the best historical streak against the same rival in the highest category. But you know, the more a statistic like this is established, the closer it is to breaking down. We are talking about almost a decade. A rarity.

In front, a Getafe that he is not at his best, but since Bordalás took charge of him, he has not been an easy rival. The games against him Athletic These years prove it, many of them decided not without much work on the part of the rojiblancos. The azulón team is experiencing a season of turbulence, irregularity in its results, something strange in these years of solidity that it had been showing. Closer to relegation places than Europe’s, they have just lost to Valladolid, with a series of five defeats and one victory in their last six games. Bordalás has a significant loss, that of his scorer Bush, sanctioned for accumulation of reprimands.