‘Atlético does not make an investment like this because of a fiasco’

Athletic of Madrid
he is close to closing his first incorporation in the coming season. It’s about the young and promising croatian goalkeeper Ivo Grbic
, from the modest Zagreb Lokomotiva.

If there is anyone who knows Croatian and Spanish football, that is Robert Prosinečki, who is currently the preparer of the Kayseri Spor Kulübü Turkish. The former midfielder of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona He was in a tris of having also played in the Athletic of Madrid at the time of Radomir Antic, but finally it did not happen.

Be that as it may, the now coach has a vast knowledge of football in his own country, as well as the Spanish league, in which he played in teams like those mentioned above, in addition to the Oviedo and the Seville.

TO Prosinecki The signing of the young goalkeeper seems spectacular news to him, which he endorses in terms of quality. “It’s fantastic! In Madrid obviously they estimated that Grbić He is a goalkeeper for the future ”, said the now coach, about the goal.

The young and promising goalkeeper Ivo Grbic.

In words to Sporske Novosti, explained that if the Athletic He has chosen this goalkeeper because he is convinced of his quality. “Rest assured that a club like Athletic I would not give six million euros in a signing ‘for a bluff’! ”, he expressed.

“Nor would they take Grbić if they did not recognize the true value in him. It is a great club and it is a great thing for every Croatian player to get to such a club, especially for a goalkeeper, no Croatian goalkeeper has made such an expensive transfer, nor has he gone to such a large club, ”he continued.

“You know, a club like Athletic he has the whole world in the palm of his hand, he can take a player from any country, and yet they decide to take a goalkeeper from the small Croatia. From the modest Lokomotiva! That gives a special weight to this signing, “he explained.