Atlético de Simeone is always primed with Granada

Atletico Madrid
he beat up in his first game of the 20/21 season. The mattress team mercilessly crushed the Pomegranate, which he beat 6-1. A result that confirms that the mattress box is the great nightmare of the Pomegranate. At least since he is Diego
Simeone in the Athletic.

And it is that, since the Cholo He took over the rojiblanco team in 2011, he has achieved five goals for six or more goals. And two of them went to Pomegranate. The Andalusian team already took a good beating in 2016, when they fell in the Vicente Calderón by 7-1. This time it was one goal less.

The other goals in this time were against him Sports (6-0, in 2012), Getafe (7-0, in 2013) and Guijuelo (0-6, in 2016). And it is curious because the Nasrid painting reached the Metropolitan as leader of The league and having conceded only one goal in four official matches this season.

A leader of The league I did not fall with that forcefulness since the Real
Madrid do it before him Malaga in 1983, when he lost 6-2 on his visit to the Andalusian city. But it is also found that Simeone it’s a nightmare for him Pomegranate. No less than 14 duels in this time, with 12 wins and two draws. With 32 goals in favor and only four against.


The defeat of Pomegranate before him Atletico Madrid 6-1 is the most bulky of the team since the coach Diego Martinez he took charge of it more than two seasons ago and served to end the best streak of consecutive victories of the Nasrid, six, in an official match in the highest category.

Before falling into the Wanda
Metropolitan, he Pomegranate had won the Athletic club (2-0) and Deportivo Alavés (2-1) in The league and to Teuta
Albanian (0-4) and the Lokomotiv
Tbilisi Georgian (2-0) in the Europe
League, victories to be added to those achieved against him Majorca (1-2) and the Athletic
Club (4-0) with which he closed last season.