Atlético de Madrid: ‘Simeone is a lunatic’

Ferdinand River is a former English player who is currently a commentator on BT Sports and had a few words to Diego Pablo Simeone after analyzing the match between Atlético de Madrid and the RB Leipzig. The one who was an English international and who became a true legend of the Manchester United He praised the technician with a few words that may surprise more than one.

The current commentator highlighted the obsession that the Argentine has for football and the passion with which he lives each game. “Simeone he’s a lunatic. You can focus only on it because it is a soap opera on its own. You can stand there watching him and he will talk to you about the emotions of the game just by looking at him. ”

For that reason he continued to compliment him: “He is a great competitor, a bit like when he played, but his team reflects his personality and that is a sign that he is a fantastic coach.”

It is not the first time that the one who was central United speaks to praise Atlético de Madrid. In fact, he has recommended to his old club that sign players like Oblak
Saúl on more than one occasion