Atlético de Madrid: Crossroads Diego Costa

Athletic of Madrid
He is clear that there will be few movements in the transfer market. “Ideally there would be three or four changes,” confessed the CEO of the Athletic, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín.

Among the questions to be resolved is the future of Diego Co
sta. He Athletic of Madrid he’s at a crossroads in this regard with his center forward. The campaign has been frustrating from the numerical. It is true that Lagarto’s had a complicated injury and then had to overcome the hernia operation, which had him stopped for a long time, but beyond that, only five goals and five assists throughout the season.

Some media insist that the player is determined to leave Atlético in this summer market. At 32 years old, he is looking for a last great contract and has set the goal of playing in Milan
. But the situation is not simple, Athletic You are at a crossroads in this regard.

Lagarto’s contract ends in 2021. That is, this is his last season with the mattress team, which must decide whether to transfer the player now and recover some of the huge investment he made for him or, on the contrary, bet one more season on see if it does what it has not done in these last two and a half campaigns.

Remember that the Athletic had to make a huge outlay to get him back from Chelsea, no less than 66 million euros for him. And in two and a half seasons, his balance is 17 goals and 13 assists in only 74 games played. In the 4,937 minutes played since his return, the average number of goals is one in every 290, that is, one for every 3.2 games played.

In all this time, whether due to sanction or injury, which have been around a dozen, no less than 47 games have been lost due to injury and another 11 due to sanctions. That is, a total of 58, an amount that is dangerously close to the 74 that he has disputed. Some worrisome numbers in the Athletic.

Hence, the decision is not easy. Because beyond the player’s own desire to leave or not, there is the reality of the market. In a tight market like the current one, with downward transfers, the Athletic know that the rules of The league, caused by the coronavirus issue, further reduce the options of signing a substitute if the player leaves.


This was explained by the CEO of the club, Miguel Angel Gil Marin. The new rule indicates that Atlético could only spend 25% of the income for transfers or for the expense that the players who left (salaries and others) left free. That is, in the particular case of Coast, If he Atlético de Madrid be able to place Diego
Coast for 60 million euros, the mattress box could only use 15 million euros to sign.

That is to say, he should put together several outings to raise money that could come close to what is being asked for by a striker who replaces him. In other words, the situation requires reflection. Take the player out now and raise something, which also does not ensure that you can sign a great striker, or stay with him at the expense of him performing as he has not done so far and letting him leave for free in the next campaign.