Atlético de Madrid: All or nothing

The month of February has traditionally been an ordeal for the
Atlético de Madrid.
It is so. The season in these years is rare in which the rojiblanco team has not suffered a setback, a setback, a downturn in their game and results.

And in this month of February it has been especially accused. At the moment, five games with a single victory. The circumstances have been completely unfavorable to the rojiblancos. The sanction of Trippier, the positives by Covid of six footballers -various of them starters-, as well as injuries of other important players have weighed down the colchoneros. Add to this the lack of scoring accuracy and the loss of defensive security and you will have a complete picture of what happened in this disastrous month.

Seven are the points that the team of Simeone in this month of February, the same as in the rest of the season. A circumstance that has made direct rivals have re-engaged to The league. In addition, the 0-1 of the Champions before him Chelsea has left the Athletic in a very delicate situation. Will have to go back in Stamford Bridge next March 17. The team thinks it can be done, we’ll see what happens.

Simeone He was referring to the moment of the team, after the European defeat
. “Keep working, take care of things that are done well. Fix things that are not working out in the best way right now. Footballers who have had that stage of the Covid that leaves damage “, said the Argentine, to add:” We have an important party in Villarreal. The moment is not pretty because the results are not accompanying us. So, work, work and work (…) Seeing the work of the team, the implication for the moment we are in, I feel good, I trust the team we have. If in the month of September they tell me that we lost the first game 0-1 and that we are first in League, I sign it for sure .. “.

Villarreal marks precisely the last of February’s matches and the beginning of a March that will mark what the game is really for Atlético de Madrid. The month we are still living in has ended in draws against Celtic Y I raised, in League; defeats against I raised Y Chelsea, in Champions; and with a single victory, the one achieved against him grenade.


And maybe it’s not him Villarreal the best team right now to try to get up, but it is what it touches. You have to go back to 2015 to find the last mattress victory in Castellón terrain. Since then, three wins for the yellow box and two draws. Bad precedents.

The team of Unai emery will kick off the key stage of the season. All or nothing, in the two competitions in which the Athletic or at least one of them. And it is that just after Villarreal, the rojiblanco team will receive in the Wanda
Metropolitan to the Real Madrid, direct rival right now for the title of The league.

The team of Simeone, with one game less than Real Madrid Y FC Barcelona, the two pursuers, have three points of advantage over the whites and five over the Catalans. That derby against those of Zidane you can mark a before and after.

But it is also that, immediately afterwards, the Athletic has to play the postponed match that remained to be resolved, that of the Athletic. A very complicated date too. It will be next March 10, just three days after the Real Madrid.

Then the Getafe, and the visit to London to try the machado to turn the tie of Champions. The month of February will close before the Alaves. And this decisive area could even be extended until the first two games in March, two outings to Seville to measure themselves against the Seville team and Betis. Curves are coming for him Athletic.