Atletico cold water jug ​​by Fabián Ruiz

It is one of the names that most excite the fans of the

Atlético de Madrid,
but also one of the most complicated to carry out. We refer to Fabian Ruiz, player of the Naples. A player for whom the mattress club offered 50 million euros a while ago that the celestial entity rejected and that has been playing for the rojiblanco team since then.

However, with the current moment of Athletic, their economic situation, that of football itself and the claims of the Naples, have cooled this interest. In the current scenario, it seems extremely difficult to do so. Only in a hypothetical context with the output of a player like Saul, I could square the matter of Fabian, unfortunately for the illusions of the mattress team.

The newspaper Tuttosport pick up a few words from Andrea
Bertha, sports director of the Atlético de Madrid, in which the matter is very cold. “We are not interested
Fabian Ruiz “the Italian would have explained. And it is that, right now, Naples has set an excessively high price for the teams that want to hire the Spanish international.


South team Italy demands 60 million euros. He has a contract until 2023 with him Naples, which is trying to extend its contract. The celestial club is currently offering three million euros but the player demands 4.5 per season to expand his relationship with the Neapolitan club. And all in a context in which the player has been related to important clubs. For the moment, unless the situation changes, the Athletic it is an option that has gone cold.