Atlético can make the owner of a Birmingham sex shop ‘rich’


Atlético de Madrid
You can make a lot of people happy this coming weekend. Even those who live thousands of miles from the capital of Spain and that they are not even fans of Atlético de Madrid.

It is the case of Carl Edwards, who can win a real pasture if the Athletic champion of The league this coming Saturday, in the game that remains to be played, against the Real Valladolid.

Count the Daily Mail that an English citizen can get a little more than 14,500 euros if the Athletic he wins, for a bet that once cost him … 50 pence! And it is that the matter was so bizarre that in his bets he included unlikely options, which have all been fulfilled.

Edwards, from Hansdworth, Birmingham, he boasts a sex toy store and this past weekend he rediscovered a betting slip he had made in which he had bet by supporting Man City, Norwich, Hull, Cheltenham Y Atlético de Madrid; and that he had done last summer.

The news collected by the Daily Mail.

Upon rediscovering the betting slip, he realized that only the Athletic to achieve a massive prize. The team of Diego Simeone is league leader and 83 points ahead of Real Madrid with 81 and third place Barcelona with 76.

59-year-old gambler runs the adult store Direct Pleasure, He told the Daily Mail: “I’m devastated right now. I almost had a heart attack the other day, I had never won a bet like this in my life and to think that I could win £ 12,500 on just 50 cents is unbelievable. Especially after the year I had after Coronavirus, I do all the markets in Midlands and they have been closed, so we haven’t been able to work for almost a year. However, the sex toy side of the business exploded during the lockdown because everyone got trapped inside, ”he said.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have told everyone about the bet because I’ll have a line around the block of people wanting to borrow a few pounds. I think everything Handsworth is supporting the Atlético de Madrid and I am delighted that the final match takes place when the pubs reopen. It will be the party of the year at my place The Calthorpe Arms if I win, “he added.