Atleti-Huesca: The leader returns to normal

Back to normal. After a few days in which rivers of ink have flowed on a possible new European competition that a select few were going to play, the Atlético de Madrid After resigning, he returns to reality, a reality that not long ago would have been a real dream: Fighting for the League. Receive this afternoon (19 hours) at Huesca in the Metropolitan Wanda.

And it is that after the earthquake that has been experienced worldwide in football, little has been said about the balsamic 5-0 that the Atlético de Madrid to the bottom, the Alaves. Now it’s time to confirm if it was a mirage or they look like the team from the first round again.

The good news was that the trident formed by Marcos Llorente, Correa Y Carrasco it worked perfectly. Two goals from Madrid, another two goals and an assist from the Argentine, and finally a goal and an assist from the Belgian. It should be noted that Yannick After all season straddling the defense and the midfield, in the last game he swapped his position between the midfield and the forward.

In principle, the Cholo will repeat eleven for the first time in the season. At the beginning of the season due to rotations and in recent months due to casualties due to injury or penalty.

So in the center of the field they will be again Herrera, Saúl Y Koke. The Mexican returned to leave very good feelings against the bottom, as he did in the first days of the League. This frees the captain causing the game above to flow faster.

Back will be back with a defense of four. Trippier Y Renan lodi on the sides with Savic Y Gimenez in the middle. Leaving out Philip Y Handsome. Oblak will be behind.

A match in which they will be casualties Joao Felix, Luis Suarez Y Lemar. The Cholo He hopes that the three of them can be for the appointment in Bilbao. That is the great goal.

In front will be a Huesca who comes into the game after having scored seven of the last 12 points. From the hand of Pacheta begins to see the light and sees the dream of staying a little closer.

For this meeting he will have only two casualties. The defender Pablo Maffeo and the midfielder Javi Ontiveros. That is, there may be changes with respect to the game against Alavés since there are several players at risk of injury and the coach could reserve them.The next game is against a direct rival like him Getafe at home.

A special match for several Huesca players. Captain Jorge Pulido he will return once more to what was his home and where he grew up. He left already in the stage of Cholo. While Rafa mir will be measured at Athletic for the first time since his name was related to the mattress entity. He is one of the hot players this season.