Athletic’s Barge will be subjected to a buoyancy test

The Itsasmuseum Bilbao has reported the completion of the restoration of the Athletic barge, which in the next few days will be subjected to a test in water to guarantee its buoyancy to be used again. The restoration has been paid for by Athletic and carried out last summer by the Maritime Museum, in whose docks it is exposed, and only the test in water is missing for the maritime authorities to authorize its use.

The Bilbao Maritime Museum has emphasized that it is an administrative procedure that “has nothing to do with the intention of advancing events, but is framed in a procedural context that must be followed and that is planned from the beginning of the process to that the Gabarra Athletic will once again be ready and at the disposal of Athletic Club, Bilbao and Bizkaia ”.

Athletic will play the two Cup finals in April, the one for the 2019-2020 season against Real Sociedad on the 3rd and this season against Barça on April 17th. Even though the team of Marcelino Win one of the two finals or both, it is not at all clear if it could be celebrated as in the 80s, with fans on the banks of the Ría, due to restrictions on large concentrations of people due to the health crisis caused by Covid -19.

In fact, this year the achievement of the Super Cup did not have a popular celebration and was limited to two restricted receptions at the City Hall and the Provincial Council.