Athletic’s 1×1 against Betis

Athletic returned to Seville to face Betis in the League. This is how we have seen the lions at Villamarín after last Saturday’s cup blow against Barça.


Good game from the red and white right-back. He worked well for his band and did damage with his raises per band

Simon Inspired

He was not overworked throughout the night, but made the stop that had to be made on the last set of the game.

NUÑEZ Compliant

He knew how to stay in place at all times, although he made some big mistakes. It lacks serenity.


He had to act as a center-back and he fulfilled his mission. Knowing how to be in your place at all times.

LEKUE Animated

It went from less to more as the minutes passed, despite playing a changed band. He contributed in attack.

BERENGUER Restrained

He had space and balls to be able to have done more damage for his band. It lacked continuity, but left details.


He returned to exercising in the wide zone and he looked looser than usual. Nice job.

VESGA Changed

He had to lead the team, but his game is still very predictable. One of the first changes.

MORCILLO chopped up

It started with a lot of enthusiasm, but it faded with the passing of the minutes.

SANCET Suspicious

He left details of his quality, but he still lacks success in the last touches. You lack confidence and minutes.


He had an intense duel with the Betic centrals. He was about to score in a counterattack in discount, but he finished off the crossbar.

LOPEZ Dynamic

The team appreciated his entry into the field because he went from starting to fall to controlling and dominating the situation. It gave fresh air.

GARCIA Decided

He entered with the advanced game and had his chances of scoring. He tried in various ways.

IBAI Participatory

He had minutes again and had a greater presence in the game than on previous occasions

WILLIAMS Displaced

He had a few minutes and had them glued to the right wing.


The occasion was somewhat difficult due to casualties and the recent loss of the Cup final, but the team was in their place. With one more many minutes, yes.