Athletic: ‘We are prepared and with confidence’, emphasizes Moraza

The starting flag for the women’s league finally arrives. Athletic will enter into combat tomorrow (4:00 pm) against Deportivo that last season stole all three points in Lezama. In addition, the rojiblancas open fire with a continuous session, on Wednesday they will play with Logroño the Cup semifinal postponed from the previous year.

Ainhoa ​​Vicente ‘Moraza’, Already one of the veterans wearing stripes on the squad comments that “the preseason has been quite long, it has allowed us to work on those details for which we did not have so much time before. There is desire to start the League ”.

The rojiblanca defense highlights that “we are prepared, the team is doing well, although it is true that we do not have the rhythm of other preseason with more games played. We are confident, it is true that there are casualties, but the team that comes out will do well ”.

Regarding the amount of injuries they have suffered, Athletic’s ‘3’ explains that “the preseason has been longer and different, as there is no start date for the League, your body can relax and from there they can come. It has been a thing of the last days, unfortunately near the beginning, but not because of the preparation. Mentally it has been hard not knowing when we started. There are many factors ”.

The game with Depor in Lezama will be able to attend 257 partners. “It is a short capacity, but considering the situation it is a privilege that some people can come to see us,” he says. Moraza. Regarding the coronavirus pandemic, he admits that “the concern is inside and outside. We have to be aware that with this situation at any time he can catch it, playing, in the street, with the family … We have to be cautious and take care of ourselves to be available ”.

Speaking of the course objective, the rojiblanca puts on the table that “it is always to be as high as possible, there is a team for that, every year they have responded, having casualties. You have to compete, taking into account that the League can be stopped at any time, you have to get as many points as possible ”.

Damaris (Everton) and Oroz (Real Madrid) had the decision made to leave yes or yes. “Each one makes their decision freely, it is respectable, each one chooses their present and future”, ditch Moraza.

In recent times, the one from Donostia (20-8-1995) has gained specific weight. Captaincy and selection. “I am proud that the companions have trusted me, I am like another companion. We are all important. I am also happy for the team, it is an award for the years that I have been in the First Division and it is also thanks to the teammates ”, she says.