Athletic wants to fish in a troubled river

As the antidote that you want to use works, you can crush the rojiblancas opportunities. At the most inopportune moment Albert Celades has been pushed by events and the relay is served again Voro comes to the fore to shut down the major fault. And it is already known that when it is used, things work even if only moderately. “Well damn the grace!” Say the fans rojiblancos.

At the time when the Athletic Europe is played (7:30 p.m., Movistar LaLiga, Estrada Fernández) this fact follows that scales more than one. And it seemed that the upwelling campaign could occur in the troubled waters of Mestalla, a universal habitat of sonic turbulence and internal swings, with a troubled river: Celades he had lost the helm of the bench, what if Maxi Gomez he had faced the already dismissed coach …

Another blur in Villarreal

In Villarreal the bad image that Valencia was offering, disarmed of soul and heavy in excess, was corroborated a little more. Can there be a catharsis tonight in Mestalla? You can imagine that something like this happens, that something unusual happens for something because of these payments. For all that and the enormous quality of a team that has several springs to reverse emotional depressions, the duel brings them.

Possible alignments of Valencia-Athletic today

Hence, Athletic has to come out with the fly behind the ear, anticipating a Kafkaesque metamorphosis, which in a way sums up what happens at that club. And how Garitano he does not want to remove pieces but to make the team as solid as possible – that does not mean that it is a defensive bet – the starting eleven will be the ones that almost everyone has in mind. This perception makes more sense after what was stated yesterday at the previous press conference, in which he stressed that with the four days off his men can be fresher.

With the best of the barracks

In other words, Unai Simon will have as a defensive shelter Capa, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez -on the brink of suspension- and Yuri, unless the coach of Derio rebuilds his armor with three centrals giving clue to Unai Núñez; in the middle of the field Dani Garcia It is safe and what does not seem so clear is whether Garitano will bet on the double zipper or on the fluid exit of the ball, if on Vesga or by Unai López. Taking into account that Valencia is a physical team …

In the rest of the posts there seems to be no doubt: Raúl García -in chapel-, Muniain and Williams are fixed. Cordova -eye with the cards- gives the impression that he will be the other chosen for a meeting that presumes a lot of bullshit and goes up and down, although we must not forget Sancet after his performance against Mallorca. On the other hand, a commitment to Lekue it feels like it’s remote and Villalibre It could be a shock for the second part.

Go for the 48 points!

With these players, or one that may constitute a certain surprise, Athletic has to build its proposal, an ambitious bet that must be access to Europe. The previous league match day was so generous that not taking advantage of this event in Valencia would be a difficult ballast to resolve. As difficult to answer is to appease the qualities of an opponent who will be injured, who will try to make the game come from the creativity of Equal, which will try to bruise with Rodrigo, Guedes, Gameiro, Cherishev

There are many arguments for this Valencia headdress that wants to resurface with the conviction that Voro conveys. But Athletic has to live up to that ambitious goal that is Europe. If at the end of the game the rojiblancos finish with 48 points, the goal would be closer and closer. But the goal is so difficult … And now comes Voro. As to think badly.