Athletic: Víctor will wear a protective mask like those of Yeray and Aduriz

Victor San Bartolomé is part of the Bilbao Athletic call-up for tomorrow’s game against Burgos. Everything pointed to his absence from Joseba Etxeberria’s list because last Sunday he broke his nose against Celta B, but the rojiblanco midfielder is finally one more of the rojiblanca expedition to Extremadura. The medical services of the Bilbao club found a solution so that the puppy can be at the disposal of the coach if he deems it appropriate.

Saint Bartholomew, when the time comes, will wear a protective mask against Burgos similar to the one used by other Athletic players, in the case of Yeray or Aduriz, with a similar problem in the nasal septum.Mask composed of a thermoplastic material with more resistance to impact than exist in the market. Josean Lekue himself, head of the rojiblanco club’s medical services, was in charge of starting this process.

The manufacture of this 3D printed mask in San Bartolomé has been carried out by Pixel Sistemas and Tecnun-Ceit. The first step was the scanning and elaboration of the 3D molding design, on Thursday, May 20, at the Higher School of Engineers of the University of Navarra, located in Donostia. Once the design was achieved, they sent it to Pixel Sistemas, where two application engineers made sure that the masks were ready in just five hours.

Over week It had been speculated that Vencedor could enter the Bilbao Athletic squad given the problem with San Bartolomé’s nose, but in the end each player has continued to be disciplined by their respective teams.. The puppies train today in Extremadura and tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. they will face Burgos in the final for promotion to Second.