Athletic: ‘Unai Simón is a spectacular goalkeeper’

Iago Herrerín He came out yesterday in defense of his partner Unai Simón. The rojiblanco goal has been receiving criticism for some time in this part for his irregularity under sticks. Nothing new, in any case, for the veteran rojiblanco goalkeeper.

“Unai is a spectacular goalkeeper. Last season he was at a very high level. What happens is that when in the next season you don’t do as well, not only in the goalkeeping position, the criticism, doubts begin and it can’t be. In the end we know how heavy the goal of San Mamés. Criticism as long as it is constructive is good ”, he assures.

Herrerín also points out that “I have experienced destructive criticism and more than once I have already read one for Unai and it feels terrible. First of all, what you have to do is support because Unai has a very high level. No Unai, all who come. Jokin (Ezkieta) has a very high level ”. The Bilbao goalkeeper believes that “today what you have to do is support, both the press and the fans and everyone, and Unai will return to the level he has because I know he has a level and he will show it