Athletic: Unai Simón has done it again

Unai Simon he is writing the first lines of the legend of a goalkeeper ‘parapenaltis’. He dominates the goal line like nobody else and there he becomes strong. With his wingspan and his dance-like movements, normally leaving a more exposed side, he manages to prevail over the pitcher in the psychological battle. The goal of Athletic became the hero of Spain in the Krestovsky Stadium from St. Petersburg by stopping two maximum penalties in the shootout before Swiss, but it is not the first time.

He repeated the formula that led him to success with the lions in the quarterfinals. Cup against him Betis in the Villamarin, on the way to the final lost in front of the Barça. Simon he also stopped two pitches in a one-game tie to win a ticket to the tournament’s semifinals. On both occasions, the one from Murgia ended up hugging an Asturian coach. TO Marcelino on Heliopolis already Luis Enrique on Russia.

However, there are differences between the two cases. Against him Betis, the one who went with the rope around his neck was the Athletic. In fact, Raul Garcia forced the extension with a header in discount. And the batch in the green and white venue was filmed. Raul, Williams, Black pudding Y Yuri they hit their penalties for Bilbao. Mandi converted the first for the locals and then the figure of Simon. He repelled the shot of Channels, to his right, although nothing corner. And repeated before Juanmi. The forward bet on the center and the rojiblanco did not move.

Very different was the film in St. Petersburg. Spain was the one that led the way on the scoreboard during much of the duel and Swiss, who spent about 50 minutes with ten, was the one who reached the resolution happiest from eleven meters. Apart from that a Unai It was his turn to hold the options of his own in the batch.

Busquets the first one failed and it was all uphill. The one with Athletic balanced it with his stop at Schar, However Rodri he missed immediately after. Sommer He also showed off his skills as a ‘parapenaltis’. Simon He returned to act as a guard hero in Spain and he guessed the intention to Akanji. Gerard he did his thing and then Vargas he thought he saw a giant in an ice hockey goal. He sent the ball to the clouds. Later Oyarzabal I would put the lace.

17 penalties have been thrown at Simon with the Athletic, runs on the sidelines, and they have gotten 13. Four failures and only one stopped. TO Bush this season in San Mamés. Camacho (Huesca), Abdon (Majorca) Y Channels (Betis) threw away their attempts. Nor is it that Murgia’s was a consummate batch specialist until this season. The agonizing throws in the Cup 19-20 against him Elche and the Tenerife He saw them from home because he was not in the call. Herrerín was in the Martinez Valero Y Ezkieta in the Heliodorus. Of course, the penalty that he could not save Unai Simon was that of Oyarzabal in the final of April 3 in The Cartuja. It cannot reach everything.