Athletic: The same referee from Garitano’s last match whistles in San Mamés

Mario Melero López, from the Andalusian Committee, has been the appointed referee to direct the League match this Saturday between Athletic and Alavés. Jorge Figueroa Vázquez, from the Andalusian Committee, will be in charge of the VAR. The clash of San Mamés will begin at 4.15 pm.

The Malaga referee has whistled the rojiblanco team on twelve occasions with a background for the lions of four victories, five draws and three defeats, 27 yellow cards and one red. His last performance with the lions coincided with Garitano’s last game as coach. Athletic beat Elche 1-0 and shortly after the deriotarra coach was dismissed and replaced by Marcelino.

Al Alavés has directed him 17 times with 6 triumphs babazorros and a draw, ten defeats, 49 yellow and one red. His last performance with the babazorros resulted in a local victory for Huesca 1-0.