Athletic: The roadmap for the return of the public to San Mamés does not change

With the increase in covid-19 cases skyrocketing in recent dates, there was expectation with what was decided at the meeting of the Advisory Council of LABI (Basque Civil Protection Plan) last Wednesday about what concerns our day to day. But Athletic and their partners also looked askance for limitations regarding attendance at sporting events.

It was not so. At the moment everything continues as several weeks ago and in Ibaigane they have no more news apart from the official ones. They are waiting for the evolution of the pandemic and future meetings of the LABI. The restrictions in force in recent days are maintained, also in sports matters. The roadmap of Bizi Berri IV Plan continues its course and, to this day, San Mamés it could work with 30% of its total capacity (53,331 spectators), that is, 16,000 people would have the possibility to enter the field.

“In venues with a capacity of more than 5,000 people, the maximum capacity may not exceed 30 percent. Whenever possible, independent sectors of less than 1,000 people will be established, with access points and independent passage areas ”, it can be read in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country July 8. Although everything can change depending on what the data reveals. The LABI made it clear that, if the current trend continues or if there is an increase in hospital pressure, the advancement of the closing time limit for commercial, social and cultural activities and other complementary measures will be considered.

Their next meeting will be on July 22. A date that can be key. And it is that, to this day, there are five weeks before the start of the League and six for him Athletic premieres in San Mamés. You will receive Barça on the second day on the weekend of August 21-22. However, on the first date of the championship the Alaves as a local, before the Real Madrid, and it must be remembered that the decisions made by the LABI affect all Euskadi.

As it is, the Athletic moves with the current idea of ​​being able to put 30% of its audience in San Mamés, although he is prepared to modify the step if necessary due to the sanitary conditions of the Community. The rojiblanco club has been working for a long time on how the long-awaited return of its fans will be and is ready for the different scenarios that may occur, depending on the percentage of public that is allowed. All with a computer program that helps to locate people within the field or with the entrances. Most likely, members will not be able to go to their usual location or even to their stands. It will be necessary to adapt to the circumstances.

The numbers will decide how many people can access San Mamés and to the rest of the Basque courses … or if the Basque teams must continue playing behind closed doors. The cumulative incidence rate in 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants stood yesterday at 224 cases. And the recent dynamic is upward. A month from now the picture can change a lot. For better or worse.

Yes, the Athletic and the rest of the Basque clubs will need some time to organize the device with which their fans enter the field. You understand that you will be notified in advance. From the Bilbao entity they also have prepared the mechanism with which their partners may request to attend the meeting in front of the Barcelona. It will be somewhat more complex than the usual draws to obtain tickets in the lions’ home commitments because the situation requires it. The plan is designed. Now we need to know how many people the Basque government to enter San Mamés to organize the how.

What is clear is that Cathedral he is getting closer to recovering his soul. An aspect to which Marcelino He gave it a capital importance in his appearance on Wednesday: “We have a new incentive. On August 22 there may be people in San Mamés and it is a very big illusion. The Athletic, with its people, it is a rockier team “