Athletic: The hero of the final

All players dream of winning a title and most do it thinking that their ‘cod’ will be the decisive one. Williams He has experience after the Super Cup.
He was key in that duel by sealing the tables at the last minute and many are betting on him. Others trust everything to
Iñigo Martinez
for their stripes and for the morbid, so that we deceive ourselves.

Raul Garcia
it is always on your site, but if you ask me about the MVP, I’ll stick with
. The Cup is his favorite competition with Athletic and he will prove it.

They’re going to allow me a bit of self-promotion. #CopaBacalao on Radio Popular. The occasion deserves it. If you are not football or Athletic, on Saturday do not bother to tune in, listen to me.

From the morning in ’La flor de la canela’ by Iñaki Astigarraga, connections with the special envoys to Seville and from 1.30 pm Athletic’s uninterrupted programming with a short hiatus from 18 to 20 hours to tell the Bilbao Basket duel against Manresa. More than 12 hours of sports radio focused on the first final.