Athletic: The derby of all derbies

For better or worse, on Saturday we will attend a unique final that we may never see again. Little by little the fear of losing to the neighbor is transformed into an illusion for a new title.

The truth is that the countdown has begun. After analyzing everything that can be analyzed, and something else, the ball will roll in La Cartuja to put each team in its place. We have spent a lot of ink and many minutes of radio and television pondering the experience acquired by the lions in previous finals.

Football, like life, is learning and from each defeat a useful lesson must be drawn for the future. You cannot compare moments, players, coaches or personal situations, but I want to think that the rojiblancos will not come out with that fear in their bodies that we all read in the eyes of Fernando Amorebieta placeholder image in 2012. That can’t happen again and the team has shown maturity ever since.

The longest final in history will be decided on Saturday. Will do it without Aduriz, Saint Joseph, Beñat, Cordova, Kodro, Larra, Guruzeta, Win, They lived, Garitano, Ferreira and Iribarren. A final denatured by the pandemic, but things come as they come and you have to know how to adapt. Whatever happens, the next day the sun will rise, although many, it remains to be seen from which side, they will want to get off planet earth.

I have the feeling that the Zurigorri fans have more class in the victory than the San Sebastian fans, probably because they are more used to it. It is not worth comparing the record of both clubs because then they call us from Bilbao, trying to make it sound negative, without succeeding. It is undeniable that the Real, after the bankruptcy and its passage through the Second Division, has taken a qualitative leap over the years.

His best players (note Oyarzabal) They no longer want to come to the best team in Euskadi, they want to grow with their club and that is something that has allowed them to improve. The rojiblanco team does not sign in Gipuzkoan fishing grounds with ease either. And that gives them such high confidence that from the other side of the highway they speak of ‘sorpasso’.

At this point, and leaving aside the record, I would like to remind those Real fans with little memory that their eternal rival has just won a Super Cup title against Real Madrid and Barça two months ago. On the other side of the A-8, the technical potential of its players has been underlined, they have it, not in vain are they in continental positions with ten points more than Athletic, but this final is here and now.

If in a derby the classification is never worth anything, nor the states of form, in a date like this, even less. It seems to me a very open final, 50%, but since I am from Bilbao I will say 51-49 for those of Marcelino due to the fact that they are more used to playing this type of games without a net in recent years.

Whatever happens, I’d like to see two fancy outfits. One in victory and one in defeat because despite everything, there are things much more important in life than the derby of all derbies