Athletic: San Mamés is no longer what it used to be

San Mamés is no longer a real fortress for Athletic. The lions say goodbye to their home journey during this League, losing to Madrid and with a relatively poor background for a team with European aspirations. Marcelino, who arrived at the rojiblanco bench coinciding with the last commitment of the first round of the Bilbao as locals, has nailed the points with respect to Garitano. 15 with the Asturian, 15 with the deriotarra.

Athletic will possibly be one of the Primera clubs that has most missed the encouragement of its fans. The points that season after season usually give the rojiblanco stadium have been conspicuous by their absence during this first campaign in history without an audience in the stands from start to finish. The field factor has had a negative influence on the productivity of the whole of Bilbao.

The numbers don’t lie. Of the 19 games played at home, Athletic has won a total of eight victories (less than half of the matches played), six draws and five defeats. When Marcelino took over the team, on January 3 of this year; the lions accumulated from the hand of Garitano five wins and three lost appointments. Ties were conspicuous until then by their absence.

In the eleven league games with the Asturian coach on the San Mamés bench, the draw has been the most repeated result. The lions have signed half a dozen draws since then. The victories reign slightly above the defeats: three against two. It is true that Barça and Real Madrid have been the only ones to make the rojiblancos bend the knee in San Mamés since the change of coach. Before, with Garitano, Cádiz, Celta and Real Sociedad had already achieved it.

-Scorer balance of + 10-

ANDhe Athletic’s goalscoring balance throughout these 19 local league matches reflects 29 goals in favor and 19 against. Lions, under such a perspective, have a favorable balance of +10. His scoring average in his own field is around 1.5 goals per game. The one with goals conceded, on the other hand, fits perfectly: 19 crashes, 19 conceded goals. To uni by commitment.

There is also a clear change in trend depending on the tenant of the bench of the moment. The lions scored fewer goals with Garitano than with Marcelino, but the same thing happened to them at the level of so many against. In the eight home games with the deriotarra as coach, Athletic scored 11 goals and received 5.

The trend with the Asturian coach is the opposite. More goals scored than received. 18 for and 14 against.

Athletic de Garitano was left without seeing a goal in San Mamés on three occasions. All three lost. With Marcelino it has only happened twice. Draw zero against Alavés and defeat by the minimum against Real Madrid.

Analyzing the question of goals from the other perspective, that of the matches in which the rivals left Bilbao without scoring so much, it is found that during the stretch With the deriotarra as coach, four teams did not get wet in San Mamés and with the Asturian only one returned home without being able to beat the goal defended by Unai Simón.