Athletic rehearsal for the Cup final

Eibar’s visit is Marcelino’s last chance, in an official match, to put his squad to the test for the first big event at La Cartuja on April 3.

If right now they were questioned about Athletic’s starting eleven for the Cup final against Real Sociedad, I think that all the athleticzales would agree on, at least, 8 players:
Unai Simon, Yeray, Iñigo Martinez, Yuri, Berenguer, Muniain, Raul
Garcia Y Williams. The other three positions would be between From Marcos or Cap on the one hand and the media centers on the other

Between Dani garcia, Vesga, Unai Victor Y Unai Lopez the other two chosen must come out, with some small option to Villalibre, although minor. eye! I’m talking about what we think the coach will do seeing his previous decisions, not evaluating personal tastes.

With so many days ahead, it is normal for the Careñes technician to bet on his starting block as a general rehearsal and to tie up three points that allow them not to finally drop from those European options; it is not going to be that they come badly given in Seville. Until April 3 there is plenty of time to get people back and have them in perfect magazine condition, everyone except for the internationals Unai Simón and Iñigo Martinez.

Already made it clear Luis Enrique that he does not intend to reserve for anyone, Oyarzabal included, despite the fact that three days after the last game in Spain, the three play a title. I understand the position of the coach, but I do not think that the fearsome Kosovo requires the presence of the three footballers in question to carry out the challenge. It would be an honorable detail of the selector with Athletic, Real and even the Royal Spanish Football Federation, which is the one who organizes this competition and who pays him his salary. Said it remains.

-Without Barge and without reception-

Every time I like it less and less that there is talk of a hypothetical celebration in case of achieving a cupbearer title. I understand the necessary foresight, but it gives me more and more yuyu. Could it be that I am getting older, superstitious or that I continue to have the memory of the 2012 finals etched with Marcelo bielsa on the bench.

Now that we had parked the issue of the Barge, the matter of the reception at the City Hall arises, which I do not quite understand. If we have all understood that the symbol of the rojiblancos titles cannot be removed due to a health security issue, it does not seem logical to me to have an intimate reception if you know that many fans are not going to respect it, as in the Super Cup, and they are going to swirl on the steps of the consistory.

If you decide not to travel to Seville as an institutional representative to lead society by example, let that example not be lost by being in the photo. It seems to me a question of coherence, but surely there are many variables that escape me in the equation.

The man in charge of putting the champagne in the suitcase, let him do it. We postpone everything else until the moment when Iker Muniain raises one or both glasses in La Cartuja. Time to time.