Athletic-Real Sociedad: ‘We can’t wait to referee the Cup final’

With only one day left to play the final of the Cup between Athletic and Real Sociedad, the referee trio appeared today in the afternoon before the media to offer their impressions for the appointment. Xavier
Fernandez will be in charge of imparting justice on the lawn of La Cartuja, assisted in the bands by Robert
Alonso and Guadeloupe
Truncheons. It will be the first time that a woman has participated in a KO tournament title match.

The main referee has indicated that success is already being in this final. “To get there there is a whole process for both the referees and the teams. I want to congratulate the clubs and both coaches for coming here ”, said the Catalan.

The international braid knows that there are quite a few differences between a League match and a Cup final. “The difference between a grand final and a regular match is emotional. You have to take the pulse of the game to make the best decisions, “he said.

Estrada He will direct his first Cup final. He may have already refereed a game for the title, but he has been prevented by the fact that Barça has come many times in recent years. “It is my first final, I don’t know what it entails, we will experience it tomorrow, but I take this opportunity to thank the Committee for choosing us to lead this important match. I hope that in the future you will not have to ask the origin of a referee in the face of a game and question the professionalism of the referees. We try to make mistakes as little as possible ”, said the braid.

Regarding the problems that players such as Raul
Garcia, has stated that they are asked to do their job “from respect”, but always maintaining their position, both the main referees and the assistants.

Estrada He added that the referees need the public, especially in a final, “which is a holiday.” “It is the best example of a Federation competition match. We referees need that environment. From here the pressure is put on each one. You have to know how to handle it. We have experience, it is a great game, a beautiful challenge, we are here to enjoy it ”, he added.

The Catalan has recognized that this designation has made him very excited. “At the time that Athletic and Real Sociedad qualified, you can imagine what he was going through. I’m talking about over a year ago, with the damn pandemic. I even get excited when I remember it. You cannot imagine what this day is like, we can’t wait to jump onto the pitch and do our best ”, he said.

The referee who will deliver justice tomorrow has affirmed that the VAR is a tool that “has come in handy for arbitration and for all football in general.” “It’s about being a committed team to make the best decisions. It’s very good for football ”, he added.