Athletic: Raúl García, Tajonar’s son

“They are not from Lezama, they are from Tajonar” Osasuna fans sing every time Athletic visits El Sadar. And in some other stadium you can also hear it, really. The maximum exponent of that phrase is, without a doubt, Raul Garcia. Don Raúl, as many define him.

I, on the radio, call him: the son of Tajonar. After 500 league matches, the Navarrese wants to continue making history, he wants to continue growing professionally and has chosen Athletic to continue expanding his numbers.

There are those who had doubts about whether Raúl García should renew his contract with the rojiblanco club. It is true that many people thought about performance. I do not. And that the Navarrese was far from his best version. For whatever reasons, but it was far away.

I had no doubt that I would return. Raúl himself was aware. They do not need to be told or told. What’s more: throughout the negotiation process, beyond the financial details or years and other issues, and once it has already been produced and announced, I think there were more doubts in the player himself than even in the club at time to renew. And it is that if there is a player with a brutal self-demand, that is: Raúl García.

The arrival of Marcelino to the rojiblanco bench has been key to the change that the Navarrese has made. I have the feeling of writing this sentence with each Athletic player. And in part it is what has happened, although not with all.

That Raúl played more as a forward than as a midfielder was almost a reality even with Ernesto Valverde, if you hurry me. The march of Aduriz caused since Garitano will use nine pure almost definitively, placing Williams on the right wing.

Raúl García is key in Athletic’s scheme

With the scheme of Marcelino, the two now share the lead. No doubt. Even though Villalibre it squeezes, for the moment it does not drown. At least in the plans of the current Athletic coach.

I would dare to say, I am still wrong, that the Navarrese has already won over all the Athletic fans. I think no one doubts the commitment that this player has for the club, for the team. I said it about Aduriz and I say it now about Raúl García: he is the captain of the Bilbao team without an armband. Although, everything is said in passing, he has already carried it more than once.

I think Raúl is going to be the man in the final. For April 3, I say. For the one on the 17th, I have another in mind.

Because of his character, because of his game characteristics, because of how the Real de Imanol the matches, because it is a final, because of his experience and because his eyes and his words show that it is a final that he wants to win (also the 17th, of course), Raúl is going to be the protagonist.

Let’s see, if it’s another Athletic player, nothing happens either. It won’t be the next Thursday