Athletic preseason takes flight

Athletic is already in Sankt Gallen, the Swiss town where it will hold the pre-season stage that will last for nine days, until Saturday, July 24. The expedition arrived yesterday at six fifteen in the afternoon at the concentration hotel, the four-star Santispark, located on the outskirts of the city, four kilometers from the center.

Managers Goyo
Arbizu Y Jorge
Gomez and the institutional representative of the club, Joseph
Iribar, the great Txopo, led the representation. Marcelino 25 players have been brought to Switzerland, among whom is no longer Ibai
Gomez, which reached an agreement with the entity yesterday afternoon to end its relationship with the Bilbao club a year earlier than its contract stipulated.

Also, they are not Unai
Simon, concentrated with the Spanish team to play the Tokyo Games; the injured Yuri
Berchiche, Nolaskoain, Iñigo
Cordova Y Kenan
Kodro; Mikel
Vesga Y Jon
Black pudding, positive for Covid-19, and the puppy Juan
Artola, confined to his home because he was in close contact with a family member affected by this disease.

The players and the coaching staff headed by Marcelino They entered the hotel directly to be assigned the corresponding rooms. The beautiful Swiss town welcomed the lions with a pleasant temperature and no rainfall, something to note because the day before and on the same Friday morning it had rained heavily at times.

In this way, the rojiblanco team has started the second part of the 2021-22 preseason. After nine days exercising in Lezama with the aim of taking physical load with some days with a triple training session, the team will carry out the preparation stage outside the rojiblancas facilities that they wanted Marcelino. “It will be good for us to be together for a week, outside the usual space,” said the coach before going on vacation.

No sooner said than done. The club has not been able to satisfy for the moment its pretensions to slim down the squad substantially (they have left Iñigo
Vincent and Ibai) to have the 20 or 21 field players he wants, but he has been able to fulfill his wish regarding the stage abroad.

Heading to Zurich

The rojiblancos exercised yesterday morning in Lezama and at noon they headed to Loiu airport with a charter flight to Zurich airport, which is located approximately one hour from Sankt Gallen, the place chosen to continue with the preparation. for nine days, until July 24 when they will take the road back to Bilbao.

The first thing will be to play the first friendly of the preseason against the local team, which finished in seventh position in the Swiss League last season. The rojiblancos will face FC St. Gallen at Kybunpark, a modern stadium (it was completed in 2008) with a capacity of 20,000 spectators that is located on the edge of the highway that reaches the city, very near the concentration hotel.

The tests against Dynamo Kiev and Dortmund will calibrate the state of those led by Marcelino

It will be the first time of the preseason in which the coach’s intentions for the course that begins on August 16 with the visit to Elche at the Martínez Valero will begin to be glimpsed. In other pre-seasons, the Bilbao team has played a friendly before the stage against lower-category rivals, but this time it has not been the case. Marcelino He has preferred to focus solely on training to start playing today. Then there will be appointments with Dynamo Kiev, on Tuesday in Winterthur (15 hours), a city belonging to the canton of Zurich located 62 kilometers from the stage, and against Borussia Dortmund of the great Erling
Haaland, on Saturday 24 again at Kybunpark, in the most demanding test of the stay in Switzerland.

On the 25th they will return to Bilbao and on Saturday the 31st they will play the fourth confirmed preparation match, against Union Berlin in the German capital (3.30 pm). The logical thing would be for the team to play at least two more before starting the 2021-22 League.

Marcelino has the objective of making Athletic a more competitive and more regular team, without the saw teeth that it exhibited last season in the regularity tournament, the real pending issue after winning the Super Cup title and qualifying for the final of Cup for the 2020-21 season.

Athletic arrives in the city of Sankt Gallen, where it will hold the pre-season concentration during the stage in Switzerland. Berenguer