Athletic: Memories of the 2021 Cup final

Everything you are going to read here is the author’s invention, that is, mine. And as in all fictional stories, there is something about it that is deeply true. It is, the other Thursday.

I continue with the disgust, yes. At the time I write these lines, I do not know what Athletic did yesterday at Benito Villamarín. I almost don’t care. And that I understand.

I do not care about what I want to present below. Because one thing is clear: I do not end the season. The ambition to seek European positions may be the first step to take for next season. But I do not get involved with this issue that will be for the end of the season.

That I say yes, that I continue with the disgust in the body. Two finals, two defeats. Two endings and a lot of helplessness. And that at the entrance to La Cartuja I had the same signal in the form of a song as on the day of the Super Cup final in January: Fangoria’s ‘Dramas and comedies’ was playing.

A song that reminds me of my daughter, Candle. But this time, the drama prevailed over the comedy. And not the other way around. And in what way, in addition.

My arrival on the field was marked by controversy. Neither in the Super Cup, nor in the final against Real Sociedad did you need a press card to access the accreditation ticket offices. He had left it at the hotel. Well on Saturday, yeah that was needed. Well, until seven in the afternoon.

The National Police did not allow me or a few journalists to pass because of this circumstance until that time. I did not understand anything. A lot of police and little accreditation. Depression, depression. That came to mind.

At Radio Bilbao we had desk 44 assigned to it. I didn’t give it importance until the final result of the final was what it was. Too four.

The rojiblanco four was the only one who was close to scoring in the goal of Ter Stegen throughout the entire meeting. An auction of Iñigo Martinez it was the most dangerous thing that Athletic did. Another final disappeared, another final overwhelmed, another final in which Barcelona was better, much better. No ball, no kicks, nothing at all.

From ‘Beti Zurekin’ to ‘Bizi Ametza’, from ‘Toquero Lehendakari, touch her again Buffalo. The previous ones are won by Athletic by a landslide. The finals, unfortunately, he loses them and by a landslide.

I have come to wonder if one day I will see Athletic win a Cup. Really. And I’m not saying it in a negative way, far from it, I do it reflectively.

Now that the rojiblanco environment is in that way, I have to say that I have no answer as to whether I will see Athletic win a Cup title. What I am clear about is that I prefer to see the rojiblanco team reach the finals, even if they do not win them. . Although winning is what would almost certainly take away my disgust. I do not know.

Memories are over. Next week we continue with the serial number. It will be something from the other Thursday.