Athletic: Marcelino has some pending conversations

Athletic lowers the league curtain today in Elche. The lions are not doing much in this issue. To the green and whites, life. In Bilbao, in any case, the start of the next season is more worrying than the end of it.

Marcelino gave yesterday some clue about when the lions will return to work once they have enjoyed the corresponding vacation period. Athletic will return to training five weeks before the start of the League (scheduled for mid-August) and does not rule out a concentration stage, or preparation matches away from Lezama. “Everything will depend on the availability of being able to go out to play games outside of here and a week away from where our home will be all season would also be good for us in preparation.”

The Asturian coach once again insisted on his idea of ​​having only a squad with 20-21 outfield players. “Not only yesterday, but previously in press conferences I always came to state that I had a large squad and we prefer to work with shorter squads, more in this club than the supply comes from the quarry. The excess of footballers makes a stopper for the players we want to see. You have to make decisions “, the míster affected.

Marcelino pointed out that “we have an idea that will have to be compared with the sports management to see what the club thinks it wants to incorporate into the first team. In preseason everyone will look for their place. Now I do not want to specify names because it is not the right time, since it would be disrespectful to the players themselves without them knowing it first hand”.

The Athletic coach, logically, would like to see the discards made before the start of the preseason, although in that sense he assures that it is flexible. “We all need to know our position within the team. We are going to incorporate some of the subsidiary, so the more players there are in the preseason, the less chance of making the preseason profitable. We will have to make decisions between all. A coach wants to have the squad as soon as possible, but how many times have I succeeded in my recent coaching career? Very few. We will all have to find the best solution ”