Athletic: Marcelino does complain

“With Iñigo
Martinez An injustice has been incurred as I have not seen in football for a long time, given the seriousness of the fact that he starred compared to many others that occurred throughout the competition; not only this week (Nyom’s entry to Lodi sanctioned with red and a penalty match) ”.

Marcelino, four games after being deprived of the Athletic international center-back contest (yesterday he was able to count on him), he spoke clearly in Lezama about the sanction imposed on his player
after his scuffle with Sergio
Lion at the end of the league match away from home against Levante. Hitting an opponent with his hand in the face with excessive force. The event occurred once the meeting was over, “wrote the referee at the time Diaz Mera in your minutes. Incredible according to the images, but true.

From the Bilbao club, once the consequent discharges and resources had been made, the matter was considered settled. No one, at least, came on stage to cry out to heaven for this outrage. His coach did speak loud and clear once the sanction was served. Spanish football is wrong if the action of Iñigo Martínez is for four punishment games and that of Nyom , for example, for just one. Make him look