Athletic: ‘Gaizka Garitano and I owe each other a conversation’

Gaizka Garitano signed Yuri for Eibar a few years ago. The left-handed side began to grow little by little professionally until he was signed by Real. From there to PSG and from Paris to Athletic. His stay as rojiblanco came to overlap in time with the dismissal of the Deriotarra coach. Zarautz is a common point between them.

How is Zarautz living this final against Real?

There is a good atmosphere in the town. There are many people there who are from Athletic and from Real as well. Healthy environment. They are going to live it with maximum intensity, as in all towns. A healthy rivalry, among many jokes.

Do you usually coincide with Gaizka Garitano for Zarautz?

It has been a long time since I agree with him because in the end I live in Bilbao. We have not had the opportunity to meet and chat, but we have exchanged some messages. We owe each other a conversation and we’ll see each other when summer comes.

Will the victory, if they are proclaimed champions, will also be dedicated to him?

Yes Yes. Both to the previous coaching staff and to the players who are no longer there, we want to dedicate the victory to them because we know what it means for them to win this tournament. Behind this final, there is a huge job that they have done. Hopefully we win it to dedicate it to him.