Athletic: From the alegrón of Calleja to the disgust of Mendilibar

The Alavés maintains the category in full celebration of the year of its Centennial. Javi Calleja, who came to Mendizorrotza’s bench after the 1-3 defeat against Celta on matchday 29 with the babazorro team as the bottom of the First Division, has managed to straighten the course of the Albiazul ship in a short time. Much credit!

One of the worst news for genuine football, the one away from the big lights, lies in the descent of Eibar. The gunsmith club has been, is and will surely be a model to manage. An example, without a doubt, although others continue in First spending up to what they don’t have. Lor from his master it is point and apart. Mendilibar, good coach and better person. Laster art!