Athletic female achieves a vital victory in the goal of permanence

Athletic women have achieved a vital victory in their goal of ensuring permanence. The goals of Yulema
You run Y Oguiza in the first half they have served to add three very important points to ward off the ghosts that haunt the rojiblancas in a difficult season, in which Iraia
Iturregi they have had to get used to fighting for goals they were not used to.

The Bilbao team played a good game, putting good pressure on the ball output of those trained by Jose
Bargués. After a few minutes of local dominance, the first goal of the match has arrived, the work of Yulema
You run. The striker from Gasteiz scored the 1-0 with a great shot with the left from the front when picking up a failed rebound from a Che defense. In this way, Athletic’s ‘9’ has already scored four goals for the Valencian team throughout their career.

Moraza has had another header opportunity in the 29th minute, but it was Oguiza the one that has extended the distance at the edge of the break with a header from a free kick almost from the right corner of the local attack. The strategy has once again paid off for the lionesses.

With 2-0 he went to rest and the scoreboard has no longer moved in the second period. Athletic has continued to apply good pressure in the rival field. Yulema has had two occasions with two auctions that were deflected as soon as the second period began, the same as that of Monente at 56 ‘.

Moraza He also had the opportunity to extend the lead on the scoreboard with a cross shot at 71 ‘and six minutes later Of
Nava has performed a key intervention. The red-and-white goalkeeper has taken a head-to-head shot from the Dutch Jansen in what could have been 2-1 to put Valencia in the game.

Finally, those who had the opportunity to sentence were Lucy, but Enith has taken the ball low, and Moraza already at the end of the meeting. The light did not move and Athletic was placed with 25 points in its locker before visiting Granadilla Tenerife, a game that it will not be able to play Istillart, who has seen the fifth yellow card in the morning today in Lezama.

Athletic, 2

De la Nava, Oihane, Valdezate, Vanesa Gimbert, Eunate, Monente (Marta Perea, min. 82), Oguiza, Istillart, Moraza, Lucía García, Yulema (Ane Azkona, min. 82)

Valencia CF, 0

Enith, Esther, Pujadas, María Jiménez, Kerlly (Marta Carro, min. 59), Ana Torrodà, Guerrero (Salmi, min. 74), Candela, Aguado (Carla Bautista, min. 59), Jances, Asun.


1-0: Yulema Corres (min. 14)

2-0: Oguiza (min. 45)


Elena Peláez Arnillas (Castilla y León Committee). He admonished Istillart (min. 63).