Athletic de Bilbao: Thirteen lions have been directly or indirectly affected by Covid

Garcia He has not been able to travel to Seville today because he is in close contact with a Covid-19 positive family member. It is the second time that Zumarraga’s has been affected by a case of coronavirus, although both have been due to being a ‘close contact’. The first time it was because of his partner’s positive Jokin

In total, fourteen members of Bilbao’s first staff have been affected by cases of covid, according to information published by EFE. Thirteen players and the goalkeeping coach. The first were Iñaki
Williams, Unai
Nuñez, Oihan
Sancet, Iñigo
Cordova (later on loan to Alavés), Unai
Lopez Y Gaizka
Larrazabal -which subsequently left Zaragoza-, which were positive in the tests they were subjected to before starting the preseason in August.

Then they also tested positive Yuri
Berchiche and the goalkeepers’ preparations, Aitor
Iru, in October; Oscar
frames Y Jokin
Ezkieta, in November; Inigo
Vincent in January and Peru
Nolaskoain in March.

In the case of the positive of Ezkieta, in addition to Dani
Garcia, also Iñigo
Lekue He had to spend a few days isolated at his home as a close contact with the Navarrese goalkeeper.