Athletic de Bilbao: The reasons for the substitution of Unai Simón and Iñigo Martínez

Simon and Iñigo
Martinez They did not play for a single minute yesterday against Elche in the last match of the 2020-21 League. Marcelino opted for Jokin
Ezkieta as a starter in the goal and for Nuñez Y Yeray on the axis of the rear.

The Asturian coach acknowledged at the end of the match that the substitution of two of the players with the most minutes of the season was to avoid risks of possible injuries in the face of the Eurocup that will begin next month of play: “I am sure that Lewis
Enrique he already has a decision made and the last game is not going to be decisive. We wanted to avoid risks ”. The two rojiblancos footballers are common in the coach’s plans, who will offer tomorrow the final list for this national team tournament.