Athletic de Bilbao: The characteristics of Álex Petxarroman

Athletic have signed the captain of Real Sociedad B Alex Petxarroman, a 24-year-old right-back who can also play center-half. The Gipuzkoan footballer arrives at zero cost after finishing his contract this year with the entity txuri urdin. He will sign for the next three campaigns, until June 30, 2024, and will carry out the preseason with the team led by Marcelino Garcia Toral.

MD has sought the opinion of Javier
Olaizola, the Arenas coach, who knows him well from facing Sanse in group II of 2nd B. “He is a versatile player. He has played as a right back and as a center back. Even much of the season Xabi
Alonso he has used him as a middle center. He has an important individual technical quality, the truth is that he is a very complete boy ”, says the coach. The Gipuzkoan highlights his physical condition. “It is a physical marvel. Is awesome. I think Athletic has made the right move with this signing ”.

Can you stay in the first team? “It will depend on the performance he offers in the preseason. The kid is ready to play in First. Then you have to see how it adapts because the jump is important. From playing in 2ª B to doing it in First there is a big difference. The key is going to be in the preseason that I do ”, he explains.

Olaizola He sees him more as a winger than a central or midfielder: “I think he’s more of a right back. Perhaps he is not as offensive as another player profile, but he is a footballer who when he joins the attack he does it well, with criteria. As he is technically good, he centers well. I think he is a complete footballer. He is 24 years old, has played in 2ª B and now we have to see if he is able to adapt to First. In principle I think it has the conditions to be able to participate in this category ”.

To this technical quality joins a good long-distance shot. “In fact, he hit us with a goal from 30 meters across the entire squad in Zubieta. Last season he suffered a major injury, but when he recovered he started playing again. He is a player who has always been a starter at Real B ”, concludes the coach.