Athletic de Bilbao: Nice initiative with all the older people in Bizkaia

Athletic and the Provincial Council have presented a beautiful initiative this morning. The Ibaigane club and the provincial body will deliver more than 8,000 red and white team scarves with the Bizkaia logo to all the elderly who live in the 154 residences in our territory to bring them closer to the illusion of the Cup. Marcelino He will play two finals of the KO tournament in April, on the 3rd against Real Sociedad and on the 17th against Barça.

The event was held in the garden of the Bizkotxalde de Basauri residence. Aitor
Elizegi, the deputy general, Unai
Rementeria, Y Jose
Iribar they have been in charge of staging the delivery of the first handkerchiefs. The ‘Txopo’ lived for four years in this Biscayan town and today he was moved when he took the floor. He played for Basconia and from this team he made the leap to Athletic.

Elizegi: “Our elders are a very important part of Athletic”

“Our elders are a very important part of Athletic. We are privileged to be Athletic, but it is thanks to effort and work, to everything that many of the people who accompany us today have renounced and during these twelve months they have made a supreme effort to continue being part of this society. Many of them have abandoned us ”, said the president of the entity.

Elizegi He recalled that in this final “we are not all”. “The fans will not be in La Cartuja, but we do not forget those who started this Cup with us and are no longer there. For them this little tribute ”, he pointed out. “Hopefully we bring you a couple more details of hope that allows you to continue facing what we all need, get out of that situation together, overcome together is a pandemic. We are going to achieve it ”, added the leader.

Rementeria He has remembered those who are no longer there, but he has sent out a message of hope. “I know that very hard times have passed and there have been many losses, but you have to see the other side, that there are many people cured. In this sense, you have won a fundamental match against the pandemic. Now we are in a moment of hope because you are all vaccinated. It is another match won against the virus, but we must not lower our guard. The virus is still on the street. As a society we have to be very vigilant. We cannot relax, ”said the politician.

Rementeria: “Athletic is a vaccine of illusion for society”

The deputy general added that the vaccine has improved the situation of the residences. “Since March 1 and the virus has ceased to be present in centers and residences in Bizkaia. This is also another party won against the virus ”, said the politician, who has also valued what the rojiblanco team means. “Athletic is a vaccine for society, a vaccine of illusion, of hope, it raises our spirits to enormous limits, that’s how it happened to us when we won the Super Cup. Now we have two endings. This will raise the double and triple illusion if necessary, “he said.

Iribar has been moved: “For me it has been a pride to start with Basauri to reach all the residences in Bizkaia”

“Sorry, but I’m getting excited.” Thus began his address Jose
Iribar. “I have lived in Basauri for four years. Some of you have recognized me. I have fantastic memories of Basauri, of its people. For me it has been a pride to start here to reach all the residences in Bizkaia. It has been endearing and has touched my heart. Aupa Athletic and we will try to give you a joy with all our strength. The players are preparing thoroughly to bring you this joy. We are all participating to achieve this objective, which is none other than to bring the Cup to Bilbao and Bizkaia again ”, stated the‘ Txopo ’.

José Ángel Iribar, in a moment of act held today in the morning in Basauri