Athletic de Bilbao: ‘Individually I have not lived one of my best years’

With a good load of suspense, Sabadell historically achieved promotion to Second Division A. In this objective, a player known in these parts played an essential part, by passing through Lezama and Barakaldo. Jurgi Oteo He transformed one of the maximum penalties that gave him the ticket to the final against Barcelona B in the semifinal. His moment of inspiration before the Cultural Leonesa was decisive. The footballer is happy for such a blessing and waiting for news about his future. This Thursday the harlequin club announced the casualty relationship and among them was the 23-year-old winger born in Barakaldo, although at the time of the interview he was unaware of it.

He scored on the penalty shootout in the semifinals against Cultural Leonesa and that goal was decisive for the promotion.

In the end we are all important. I had a few minutes – it came out with three to go and then there was an extension and maximum penalties. The minutes I had served to help the team.

And how did you know that historic victory and the subsequent promotion against Barcelona B that has given so much to talk about?

We had worked for it, we knew we could win. We feel great. In the end the work paid off and the truth is that I am very proud.

At the beginning of the season they would surely have clear hopes for the promotion, but were there serious options for being able to get it?

We had a good team, there were very good players, the coach, Antonio Hidalgo, had an idea in mind and he knew how to transmit it to us and with work we were able to achieve it.

And how do you assess your role in the team in a course with so many collective and personal difficulties due to the pandemic? In addition, in the physical section it has run into drawbacks.

I individually have not lived one of my best years. At the beginning of the season I got an injury to the external meniscus and then the coronavirus came and neither … When it seemed that I was returning to the team and I had minutes, the coronavirus just arrived and it was not possible to play. I’m fine right now, I look good and that’s what I’m left with.

And now what is your closest future?

Now I have finished the contract. I have a vacation to disconnect a bit and then we’ll see.

Does that mean that it does not continue in Sabadell?

It is not known yet, nothing has been spoken yet, but I do not have a contract yet.

I suppose, therefore, that he will be somewhat uneasy at this panorama that presents him in a situation with so many unknowns.

No, I am calm. I have worked like the rest of the colleagues, but I am calm.

Playing next year in Segunda A with Sabadell would be a very good opportunity for you, for your personal growth and as a footballer.

Yes, but if this is not the case, work will continue to continue meeting objectives.

How is this Jurgi Oteo who, during his stay at Athletic, foreshadowed important goals when he was active in the lower categories?

Right now I feel good physically, well playing, I’m psyched … I mean, I think I’m fine.

In the team you also have a footballer with a past in Lezama who is enjoying it like you and who was very well spoken of as he passed through the Athletic youth team.

Yes, Xiker (Ozerinjauregi) came mid-season, in winter, because a central defender had been injured, and I get along very well with him. Very proud of him.

In the human aspect, of coexistence, it will have been very important to have him with you sharing costumes and experiences.

Yes, of course, it is always good to have a partner that you have been with.

And in football terms, how have you seen Xiker throughout his stay at the Harlequin club?

Xiker is a great player. In the games he played he was at a great level.