Athletic de Bilbao: Córdoba or Morcillo, that’s the question

The Granada match is just around the corner and is presented with the doubts derived from such an atypical preseason that it has meant having six positives for the Covid-19 within the rojiblanca squad. One of those affected has been Iñigo Cordoba, solvent defensive squire of a Yuri that for the sake of his few group training sessions he might not be a starter at Los Cármenes.

Be the zarautzarra or Mikel Balenziaga, you have to look for an assistant in defensive matters for those who act as a left-back. That is the doubt. Will you bet Garitano for Córdoba even though he hasn’t had so many hours of training with the group because of the damn virus? Would you prefer to lean towards Morcillo’s finishing ability even though this implies, in principle, less zeal in defensive matters?

Physical or glued?

Under normal conditions, Córdoba would have won the game from the emerging new youth squad, either because of his experience and because of his usual mileage in his deaf and hard work, but the circumstances are different and it may be a good option to take advantage of the conditions that lead to Black pudding, who has a cannon in his left leg and who has been seen in this preseason more involved in helping the winger.

Lekue another option

Even though it was not the preseason that was expected due to the unpredictable circumstances, the physical power of Iñigo perhaps weighs more in the decision taken by Garitano, which could refresh the team with the passing of the minutes with a Morcillo that asks for passage. Perhaps guarding the back of someone who does not develop in that area, but who, due to the circumstances, could have a hole in Granada. Lekue it is an option, although not the most frequent or the most natural.