Athletic de Bilbao: COM-PE-TIR !!!!!

Against Valladolid, another palpable proof of lack of knowing how to compete. It condemns us not knowing how to close matches. To make him look at it. Let’s look for reasons for these kinds of blackouts. How many times during their training stage do our players compete from the bottom and forced to maintain full attention and tension from the beginning to the end of the game? How many tight matches? How many times do disconnections, defensive gaps and no ability to close games generate consequences? I am not referring to reprimands but to loss of matches or points. They earn the same, comfortably.

Lack of defensive concentration and a twisted fang in the final minutes, in the first team they cause bizarre goals to be conceded that make it impossible to achieve the European goal.

During the training, the group leadership is almost assured. In the worst case, second place. They compete a couple of games per season and the rest is almost a walk.

Accustomed to competing downhill, when we reach the top we are unable to close matches and maintain the tension until the referee whistles the end. They call it knowing how to compete, not letting your wallet be stolen. And they do not master it for lack of practice.

The fan does not understand ‘quintessential’ attitudes as in Anoeta or against Valladolid. Or that last minute against Formentera. We concede goals that give grima, authentic shots in the foot. Heading goals from the shorter rival, they shoot us alone in the area while our defenses look at each other, we warn the goalkeeper that a ball does not enter, and it ends up entering. To eat matches.

Many ‘gifted’ points that end the season; no qualifying goal anymore. We should be alive no matter how distracting the finals are; we ‘commit suicide’ ourselves.

Of course, leaders in lower categories. So they say and some show their chests, wearing medals. You have to turn these things around and be clear about what we want in the formative stage between 10 and 17 years of age to get to the first team KNOWING TO COMPETE.

I do not defend another training model such as that of Argentine or Uruguayan kids, since I do not have knowledge in this matter, but I do raise my doubts and try to create debate. Why traditionally do these people know how to compete better? Where do we fail?

The missing

As promised, I do not return to the subject of cup trips. There they! Every day our president misses occasions to demonstrate PROMISED closeness to the partner and PROMISED transparency.

Quiet in response to important day-to-day issues of Athletic. Neither balance nor answer to questions from media professionals regarding what happened last month. Although it gives the impression that things DO have happened.

Some are portrayed by not censoring this communicative policy. No criticism of those who showed warrior ardor before the “silent president” who appeared monthly. Press conferences that they deemed lacking in content despite the fact that they could ask how much they wanted. He said nothing, why did he summon them? Those who failed, today they seem comfortable.

As a partner I believe that we have lost a lot. Null explanations with the approval of the former critics. The one now does not seem ‘mute’ to them. Perhaps because it is YOUR DUMB ”?

If nothing goes wrong, here in seven days.