Athletic de Bilbao: Another example of Raúl García’s involvement

The professionalism of Raul
Garcia it is beyond question. Both in Osasuna and in Atlético de Madrid and Athletic he has shown his involvement. Now, it has returned to offer a new proof of it. The Navarrese has advanced his preparation a few days, according to a video published by the Ibaigane club on its social networks.

The striker is seen making touches and movement of the ball, in addition to a small continuous race in Lezama accompanied by a technician. Athletic has accompanied this video with the slogan “Warming up engines.”

It must be remembered that the first squad will carry out the medical tests on Monday and Tuesday of next week and that on Wednesday they will carry out their first training under the orders of Marcelino.

After a few days exercising in the rojiblancas facilities to catch up on physics, the team will hold a concentration in St. Gallen between July 16 and 24, with three friendlies scheduled. On the 17th they will face the team from this Swiss town, on the 20th against Dynamo Kiev and on the 24th against Borussia Dortmund. In addition, on the 31st they will play against Union Berlin.

La Liga begins the weekend of August 14-15. The lions will make their debut visiting Elche, the last rival they faced in the 2020-21 campaign.