Athletic: Dani García: ‘The VAR is taking over football!’

Dani Garcia he became an involuntary protagonist in San Mamés. Action from the left of the attack of the Real Madrid, a ball divided in the area and controversial. The midfielder of the Athletic and Marcelo contacted, González González did not point out at first, although the Var He called him to the ranks and ended up decreeing the penalty that was the final 0-1 of Sergio Ramos.

Dani Garcia He has explained the action in question through social networks, comparing it with his own stomp Ramos to Raúl García right after and that the collegiate have overlooked. “You cannot say that one is intentional and the other is not”, has published the Zumarraga in Twitter.

“I see that I have won the situation and, unluckily, I step on him. At no time do I see it possible that he gets to the ball before I do. If one whistles, the other too! ” Dani Garcia, who has finished his message criticized the way to apply technology in football: “The VAR is taking over football!”.