Athletic: Change under sticks and the three goalkeepers, key on penalties

Both Garitano and Marcelino chose to proceed to change goalkeepers as the Cup qualifying rounds progress. Unai Simón, in fact, started on the bench with both the deriotarra and the Asturian. Having reached the quarterfinals, yes, the Athletic international goalkeeper exercised under sticks on the way to both the first and second finals.

Last season, yes, Herrerín had been sent off in the round of 16 match against Tenerife. The Bilbao goalkeeper saw the red card around minute five of the clash against the chicharreros. Ezkieta, with little time to warm up properly, then debuted as a lion.

Lhe three Athletic goalkeepers played a star role in key moments of these two cup careers. Herrerín, for example, was essential for the elimination of Elche in the penalty shoot-out. The Bilbao man stopped the launch that would have given the Elicitanos the classification.

Ezkieta had to assume a similar role in Tenerife, a clash that also ended favorably from the fatal point. Unai Simón, meanwhile, was key in the penalty shootout in the quarterfinals against Betis at Villamarín.