Athletic Bilbao: Williams: ‘We reached the final at a very good time’

There are three days until the Cup final against Real Sociedad. The decisive moment of the year is approaching and the rojiblancos players face these last days of preparation confident of bringing the title to Bilbao. Iñaki
Williams He was in charge today of evaluating Saturday’s appointment at La Cartuja. The forward recognizes the footballing level of the txuri urdin team, but is confident in Athletic’s ability to win the match. “Since you were little you dream of games like this. Every day it is closer and you have more desire. We are very emotionally and physically, I think we arrived at a very good time ”, said the Bilbao man in the telematic press conference that he has offered to the media from Lezama.

Williams considers that there are no “favorites in a final”. “The two teams have made merits to be in this game. Obviously we with our fans are a more powerful team, we know that we will miss them, but at the end of the day we are getting used to playing without an audience. We are aware that all our fans are going to push us and cheer us on. When you go down the street in Bilbao, you can see the balconies, the color of the city. People stop you on the street, they encourage us, this is what we will take to Seville and we will keep in our memories ”, he stated regarding the lack of public in La Cartuja.

We are aware that we are a great team, the dynamics in which we are now is ascending

The striker added that in a derby like this “anything” can happen. “We are aware that we are a great team, the dynamics in which we are now is ascending, but we cannot forget Real. He is having a great season, he has players of the highest quality and it is going to be a very even game. The coin can fall to either side ”, he said.

In this sense, he has recognized the power of the rival: “What cannot be doubted is that they have a great squad. They are showing it in the League, they are doing good football, but we are Athletic, we have a very good squad, the coach has hit the mark with us. It will be a highly contested match and I hope it falls on our side ”.

The ‘9’ rojiblanco has predicted a match of great equality. “We have to follow our game plan, without getting out of it. This is what will bring us closer to victory. Surely if we do things well, we can win the title. It’s going to be a very cool game, very nice to watch, hopefully we can tip the balance on our side and win the title ”.

No one doubts that the physical level will be important to tip the balance to one side or the other. “Physically we are very well, we have gained a lot of strength, these two and a half days have helped us to disconnect with family and friends. We have returned as motorcycles, we are doing very well, the training sessions are being very intense, of a high quality. We are very well prepared for what is coming ”, he added.

We cannot be left for dead, a wounded lion can always hurt you

Williams considers that Athletic is a physically uncomfortable team for the rival: “We cannot be considered dead, a wounded lion can always hurt you. This is the sign of this club, Athletic is a warrior team that competes with villagers, we have our people who will support us from outside. This is our competitive DNA ”.

The player has also advanced the slogan of Marcelino in this decisive week. The Asturian wants his team to reach the final as calmly as possible: “The coach has reached several finals, he has played several heats, he wants us to see that we enjoy the moment, the training sessions and the day-to-day. That we try to get mentally clear. We are calm, really looking forward to the day, working very well in a group. We are doing our thing, trying to carry it without much pressure, in the best possible way. This is what the coach wants to convey to us ”.